Call for Abstracts


Guideline for Oral Presentation

Presentation Length

No Session Date Venue Time Allocated Time per presenter
1 Oral Presentation 1 June 17 (Sat) Room 3 09:00 - 10:30 7 min presentation
2 min Q&A
2 Oral Presentation 2 June 17 (Sat) Room 3 11:00 - 12:30
3 Oral Presentation 3 June 17 (Sat) Room 3 13:30 - 15:00
  • Each presenter will have a total of 9 minutes for their presentation, which includes a 7-minute presentation and a 2-minute Question and Answer session with the panel and participants.
  • It is important to note that individual presenters should not exceed the 9-minute time limit.

Slide Submission and Preview Room

  • Onsite Submission
  • All presenters are recommended to visit Preview Room to check whether slides work as expected.
  • Authors must check in the Preview Room at least 40 minutes before the oral presentation session starts.
  • Preview room is located on the internet lounge 2F, Kimdaejung convention center.

Works for Slides

  • Language: English
  • File Format: Microsoft Office PowerPoint
  • Landscape Type: 16:9 Ratio
  • Font Size: The minimum recommended font size is 24pt, Please ensure that all text is clear and legible.
  • Usage of MS office default font is highly recommended.
  • All image should be high resolution(at least 1920 x 1080 pixels).
  • Audio / Video clips are allowed.

Guideline for Poster Presentation

Poster Panel

  • Poster Size : 90cm x 140 cm

Set-up & Removal

  • All presenters are requested to display and remove their posters on the dates and times specified.
  • Each poster will be provided with one panel.
Set-up Friday 16 June [ ~ 09:00]
Display Friday 16 ~ Saturday 17 June [During the Congress]
Removal Saturday 17 June [18:00 ~ 19:00]

Poster Preparation

  • Poster Prints: By authors
  • Each Poster should be placed on the numbered board assigned to each presenter via email.
  • The poster title, author’s names and affiliations should appear at the top. Contents should be in the order of abstract.
  • Print the right size of the poster as indicated.

Abstract Submission

Important Dates

  • Deadline for Abstract Submission: Friday 12 May 2023
  • Notification of Abstract Acceptance: Friday 26 May 2023


  • The faculty (Speakers, Panelists, and Moderators) are asked to register in advance online.
  • Invited speakers are asked to submit a lecture abstract and a CV.
  • Panelists need to hand in CV for moderators.
  • Moderators do not have to submit any papers.

How to submit an abstract

  • How to apply: apply via website
  • Why to reject: if you do not follow the guidelines for writing the abstract, or if the content to be presented is different from the basic purpose of our symposium, you may reject the application.
  • Category: All fields related to the traumatology are welcome.
  • Submission confirmation: When the abstract is received, a registration number is automatically assigned, and the registration number is immediately sent to the email you entered.
    * The registration number sent at this time is required when revising the abstract, so be sure to write it down. If you do not receive the registration number, please contact our Society.
  • How to guide Abstract Adoption: The adopted title of the presentation will be notified by individual e-mail, and announcements and preparation instructions will be announced through this website.
    *After evaluating, the presentation method could have been changed.

How to write an abstract

  • Title: Please describe the abstract title concisely and accurately so that you can grasp the entire contents of the study.
  • Text: you can directly enter items such as affiliation, author name, text (background, methods, results, conclusion), keywords, and passwords online according to the instructions on the website of copy them from the draft and paste them into the input box.
    *However, special characters cannot be copied and pasted.
  • Author Information: Please fill in the contact information (email/mobile phone number) of the presenter and the corresponding author. Upon successful submission, the abstract registration number and information will be automatically sent to the presenter and the corresponding author (submission confirmation). The abstract registration number in the submission confirmation will be used for future revision of the abstract, so be sure to take a note and contact our Society if you have not received the registration number.
  • Be sure to write the main body in 4 items (Background, methods, results, conclusion) and write in a new paragraph according to the relevant items.
    **The main text must be written within a total of 3,000 bytes.
  • Please submit the abstract in English, and Oral presentations will be conducted in English.
  • If on-line submission is not available, please contact the congress secretariat at