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Kun Hwang

Greetings to all,

Just like spring always arrives after a cold winter, the enervating and long-lasting COVID-19 pandemic finally seems to be gradually coming to an end. As we always start a year with a new resolution in our mind when spring comes, the Korean Society of Traumatology is also trying to take steps toward a newly transformed and advanced field of traumatology.

Over the last several years, South Korea has made outstanding progress in the development of its trauma treatment system, including the establishment and development of trauma centers, the improvement of social awareness, the participation of medical personnel in trauma treatment, and the improvement of survival in critical trauma patients.

However, there are still obstacles to the advancement of traumatology. Some social and academic hurdles that have not been successfully overcome involve differences in opinion among the government, the private sector, and the military, and the distinct characteristics of each region and specialty department.

Through the 9th PPTC, the Korean Society of Traumatology plans to overcome these barriers; we will specifically try to understand, narrow down, and harmonize each other's differences. Experts in each field will come together to express and recognize each other’s different opinions, and to collaborate together to advance traumatology. Through these collaborative efforts, I am certain that we will be able to move forward to a new world beyond the wall.

I hope that this Congress will provide an opportunity for us to exchange and share knowledge and information. I also hope that we will be able to make great progress in traumatology by expanding interactions among our members, enabling us to contribute to the society through a conference that we expect to be enjoyable and valuable.

I greatly appreciate your dedication.

Jae Baek Lee
President of Korean Society of Traumatology

I would like to welcome you all.

The Korean Society of Traumatology was established in 1985, and the 37th academic conference will be held this year. Since 2013, an international academic conference has been held under the name of the Pan-Pacific Trauma Congress (PPTC). Since 2014, the PPTC has been co-hosted by the Armed Forces Medical Command to broaden its horizons and strengthen its internal capacities.

In order to reduce preventable trauma mortality, 17 regional trauma centers have been designated by the government since 2012; they are now well established and play important roles in academic achievements. The capabilities of trauma specialists continue to advance, and the trauma care system in Korea is gradually taking shape.

Due to COVID-19, the PPTC was only held online for the past 2 years. It is unfortunate that we were therefore unable to provide a venue for communication and interaction among members. As the situation is fortunately improving, we hope that an in-person conference will be possible this year, and we are making plans accordingly.

This year, we have also invited distinguished speakers from overseas. However, since the pandemic is not over yet, they will unfortunately not be able to attend the conference on-site.

In the midst of the various events in Korea and the world, we hope to see all our members in Gyeongju, an ancient Korean city with millennia of history. We seek your full support and participation in PPTC, and we look forward to many insightful presentations and discussions of the excellent papers prepared for this year’s program.

Chan Yong Park
The Chairman of the board of directors of Korean Society of Traumatology

Dear distinguished members of the Korean Society of Traumatology:

It is my sincere pleasure to connect with you. This is Brigadier General Choi, Byung Seop, Commander of the Armed Forces Medical Command.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the medical staff who have been protecting the lives and safety of the people to overcome the long-lasting COVID-19 crisis. I would also like to show respect and appreciation to everyone who has dedicated their time to successfully host the 9th Pan-Pacific Trauma Congress (PPTC) 2022 Korea in the midst of this grave situation.

Co-hosted by the Korean Society of Traumatology and the Armed Forces Medical Command, the PPTC is now being held for the ninth time. The PPTC has also served as a foundation for the development of trauma medicine in Korea. Every year, many trauma specialists from domestic and overseas institutions have participated in the PPTC and presented best practices and research, sharing their experiences and know-how in trauma treatment. In addition, the Korean Society of Traumatology has improved preventable trauma mortality by establishing prehospital trauma care systems, developing human resources and specialized education and training programs in traumatology, and obtaining government policy support.

With the opening of the Armed Forces Trauma Center, we, the ROK military, are also trying our best to establish a Korean military trauma system that includes having dedicated helicopters for medical evacuation, training military specialists in trauma treatment, and establishing a close civil-military treatment cooperation system.

“No man left behind”

In accordance with the regimental motto for the military medical corps, all trauma medical staff will keep in mind the sense of duty to “save precious lives even in desperately dangerous situations.” Thanks to the enthusiasm and efforts of all the conference participants, the 9th PPTC is again expected to have a successful outcome. Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who are involved in organizing this event and to those who will attend online and offline despite their busy schedules.

Brigadier General Choi, Byung Seop
The Armed Forces Medical Command