Invited Speakers

  • Demetrios Demetriades LAC+USC Medical Center, USA Thoracoabdominal Injuries: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges
  • Nicolaou Savvas Univ. of British Columbia, Canada Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Trauma Radiology
  • Tal Hörer Örebro University Hospital, Sweden Benefits of REBOA and EVTM Concept for Trauma and Non-Trauma Patients
  • Jeremy M Hsu Westmead hospital, Austrailia Trauma System and Governance of New South Wales
  • I-Lin Hsu National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan Medical System and Trauma Care in the Context of the Pandemic
  • Alex Ackerman Korea Battle Simulation Center, US Army Management of Mass Casualty via an Artificial Intelligence *Notice: substitute Alex Ackerman for Mr. Jude Shea
  • Hiroaki Watanabe Director of JAST, Japan Trauma Surgery Using Hybrid Emergency Room